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Welcome to participants

Juan Luis Castejón Costa

The Organizing Committee is delighted to invite you to the VIII International Congress of Psychology and Education (CIPE 2016), which will take place in Alicante from the 15th to the 17th of June 2016, hosted by the Scientific Association of Psychology and Education (ACIPE), which has sponsored seven previous congresses in Madrid (1991 and 1995), Santiago de Compostela (1999), Almería (2004), Oviedo (2008), Valladolid (2011) and Badajoz (2014).

The Congress, which promotes “Learning, Growing, and Innovating,” aims to find innovative solutions to the challenges faced by modern education, to contribute to a better standard of education and a healthier society.

The topics included in the Congress program cover the main questions faced by educators today: the design and development of new learning environments, the use of new technologies, student motivation, the application of neuroscience to education, the evaluation of learning and competencies, intervention to address learning and developmental disorders, early attention, the importance of the faculty, the role of the family in education, conflicts within a school, low academic achievement, and the role of educational psychologists.

The Congress focuses on academics, professionals, and Psychology and Education students, who are interested in sharing knowledge and experience of this sector. The University of Alicante has been chosen as a venue because it is a tourist-friendly and attractive city, which offers participants the chance to enjoy good connections, excellent weather, geography, history, gastronomy, and a friendly environment that will make them feel at home.

The Organizing Committee is honored to welcome you to Alicante.

Juan Luis Castejón Costa
Chairman of the Organizing Committee


            Welcome from ACIPE President

Juan Fernández

One essential objective of the Scientific Association of Psychology and Education (ACIPE) continues to be the development of International Congresses in Psychology and Education. This will be the eighth such congress, with the ninth and tenth already on the horizon. Success clearly generates success. As the new ACIPE President, I would particularly like to acknowledge the excellent work of Jesús Beltran. At his funeral, I promised to try to continue his work, and this Congress is the empirical proof that I have done this. It gives me great satisfaction to see that the VIII Congress will offer a full scientific program, including the most relevant national and international psycho-educational themes.
Juan Luis Castejón, in addition to being a good friend and the Vice-President of ACIPE, is the President of the Organizing Committee. His distinguished career as a researcher, teacher, and consultant is well known. On behalf of ACIPE, I would like to thank him for accepting the responsibility and challenge of organizing this Congress, with its motto: Learning, Growing and Innovating. It is difficult to develop this theme fully in just a few words. In a society like ours, acquiring information and knowledge must be part of an essential cycle. Learning can only be nurtured in formal and informal contexts. When growth includes innovation, the situation couldn’t be more favorable. This triple objective comprises the social dimension; in other words, it includes the whole society.
I encourage all Spanish and international academics and professionals in the psychology and education sector to enlighten us (and all Congress participants) through relevant contributions drawn from a well-established discipline such as Psychology of Education. In the same way, I invite undergraduate, Master’s degree, and Ph.D. students to share their curiosity and recent discoveries, helping teachers to learn and strengthen their skills by innovating both personally and socially.

During the Congress, we will have an opportunity to explore in more detail the objectives and proposals of the Scientific Association of Psychology and Education.
We are waiting for you. You will be very welcome. See you soon!

nections, excellent weather, geography, history, gastronomy, and a friendly environment that will make them feel at home.

The Organizing Committee is honored to welcome you to Alicante.

Juan Fernández
President of ACIPE